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Takahashi Natsumi by Firedropp Takahashi Natsumi by Firedropp

Takahashi Natsumi by Firedropp

©2014-2016 Firedropp
I saw this amazing group :icontachikawa-high: and just had to join. Well here she is my finished girly. Hope you all like her ^.^ Time for bedie bye for me xD

Name:Takahashi Natsumi
Nickname: Nat

Gender: Girly
Sexuality: Bi-curious (She wants to at least try liking a girl, but still confused..)
Grade: Grade 2

Club: Tennis

-Comfy things
-her bed
-silly little fights that really just bring you closer to someone
-bubble gum

-heart breaks
-people who don't pay attention
-things that seem boring
-lazyness (even though she's a bit lazy herself)

   -Forgiving at times
   -Determined (both good and bad)

Nat can walk up to anyone, strike a conversation and easily be able to call them her friend. Though at times she can give away her trust like that and once she gives you her trust and you break it she might have trouble forgiving you again. Though after a long time of re-thinking the situation she will most likely forgive you. Just on the safe side though try not doing something that might make her too mad at you.
    Some think that just because Nat has a hard life that she's shy and shut up all the time, but that isn't the case she's just the opposite. Nat loves to talk sometimes a bit to much sometimes, and it might cause her to say something she really didn't intend to. Her determination is the key to everything, Nat gets her brain thinking and then just can't ever stop until the job is done. Normally thats the reason behind her messy desk or schedule. Nat in a way is very passionate though she would never admit it she would try to show it in things she cares about. For example her love for food can cause her to make this glorious dinner and she'd have to eat it all on her own, or tennis nothing could change her mind when she found out that was the sport meant for her. Though sports and food aren't the only things Nat gets passionate if she happens to be in a relationship with someone she cares about deeply that person will surely notice it. Even through all this Nat still has her side that nobody can see, she likes to hide things in the darkest crevice of her life until she meets the right person to help her deal with these certain things.


- Kindergarten / Preschool - Growing up Nat lived in a home with three other siblings. Though these siblings weren't her biological sisters or brothers; her mother and father (not bio) had tried time after time to get children but it was impossible. When they finally went to the doctor he said it would be impossible for them, so they decided to adopt. Nat was the second child they had adopted, but that didn't make her any less loved. As she got a little older her father had started playing games with her in their backyard. Simple things such as, catch or hit the ball with a stick. That's when they found out that she might have some sort of talent with bating or things like that. Though it was only short lived for that summer because she was soon to start her first day in school. Nat, even as a young child, was determined; she always wanted to make people proud of her work and things she had created. Even if it consisted of paper glued together.

- Elementary School -Around this time was when Nat had made her first friend. This was extremely exciting for her because every time she seemed to talk to someone they seemed to become distant,but not with her new best friend Akito. The two would spend every afternoon together once they got home from school, sometimes it would be studding or it would be playing sports outside. Either way the two had a lot in common. While things with her friends were going well things in her family not so much. As the children grew older their parents believed it was time to tell them that they had been adopted. With this came pressure that Nat was not ready for, and every moment she had alone with her parents to her felt like a lie. For Nat this was a very complicated and troubling time in her life. For a short period of time throughout elementary she ignored her parents and focused all her new found emotions into learning or well a new found sport. Tennis. Finding this sport was a new life for Nat, she had a new thing to love something to keep her company when times got tough. And that's exactly what she needed. Taking this new found love she went to share it Akito. She shared everything with him, and soon their small little circle of just them turned into a kiddy love circle or just them two. He was her shoulder to cry on and her playmate through thick and thin. Eventually with the help of Akito, her sport, and education she had made amends with her family, and found out that they really did care about her and what she wanted. They truly did love her more than anything in the world.

- Middle School / Junior High - While the summer between grades seemed like a long time to most kids, to Nat it was not. This would be the last summer she would ever see Akito and the home she had grown up in. Her mother and father had tried again to have children of their own and they had succeeded. With this they wanted a new house, and that meant that they would need to leave this area in search for a bigger home. This soon lead to her first broken heart and a very long first kiss good bye. With a new life ahead of her she decided that the years coming up where to be spent on studies and tennis. No boys! And her father agreed, after all so far he was her only little girl. When moving she had grown closer to her brother and he had taught her new techniques with everything she needed to know for middle school. The two had mended the bonds that had been broken when they found out they weren't true bio-siblings. Though the two had their laughs, they also had their fights. Every time Nat would do something better her brother would start up something about how she always had to be a suck up. Though she always brought up how he had to always be a punk who couldn't make up his mind. Though in the end they would be back glued to each others side.

- Summer before starting Tachikawa High - This was it. This was the time when Nat finally had a chance to make something better out of herself. (even though she was already a spoiled little girl who was practically good at everything she stuck her heart into... Well not really) With the new baby twins in the family she knew it was time to get out and be free away from the nest. Time to make her own choices, and this is when Tachikawa High came in. She had practically gotten on her knees and begged her parents to let her go, but at first they had said no in fear that it was to expensive with all the kids in the family. That was when she went straight to her big bro, and she had gotten down on her knees for him telling him she would do anything if he could at least convince mom and dad to let her go. Which of course as any big brother would, he did. With a price of course. Nat had to spend the whole summer being his wing woman, and well as much fun as it seemed she hated the idea of tagging along with her brother just so he could find a chick to hook up with for the week. Though Nat went through with the pain and decided it was worth it. In which big bro told her mother and father that letting her go to school here was a excellent idea, for she had all the grades matched to a tee and she was getting really good at tennis so it might even bring in some money in the future. This made her parents flip automatically, and just like that they agreed.

Additional Info:
-She tried to reconnect with Akito, but she never found him.
-She's lactose intolerance
-She dyed her hair, and got highlights.
-Is actually 4 days older than her "big bro", but she still calls him big bro because he was adopted first.
- The babies her mom had are twins. One boy one girl.
- Her stockings are there just a little see through with rain drops on them.

" Hi there~ Want some gum?? o3o"   

Lalalalalalalalalllalalallalalalalalalalalalalala.... Empty at the moment
deepfried-jellyfish Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
She's so cute!! \(//∇//)\
I love her hair and how she wears her uniform~!! ♥ I like her a lot~!!
Firedropp Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much ^-^
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